The Story

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a wise man. I had an intense curiosity about understanding the mysteries of life.

At four, my family found me in a chapel pounding on the podium delivering my sermon of the day! Even at that young age, I knew I had something important to say to others! As I grew older that dream became a passion.

Music became part of my dream when in 1980, I went to see Pink Floyd in concert. I left that concert totally mesmerized by their music. I just knew that one-day; I, too, would play the guitar. Shortly after attending that concert, I received my first guitar from my father. I remember picking it up, holding it in my hands, as I held and touched it, I immediately knew it was love at first sight! It was not long before my guitar was playing an integral part of my life. To this day, I have yet to put it down.

As I began climbing the ladder of success, it was my guitar playing that gave me relaxation at the end of my tedious day. It soon became the first thing I would do each morning and the last thing I would do at night. No matter how busy I would be, I took time to learn and play my music. Along with my passion for music, I began to take great interest in the study of philosophy, wisdom traditions and spirituality. I began to integrate these principles into my everyday life, especially my business. My sales grew beyond my expectations, and I prospered greatly . As a result, I became my company's top producer!

Soon after, I was given the opportunity to start my own business. I took the same concepts I had been living and began applying them once again in my new business, which I started in my garage. In less than five years, my business radiated over 15 million dollars a year

It was extraordinary! I now had a great reason to have a spring in my walk.

However, even with that amazing success, there remained a part of me that felt great discontent. Deep down I knew that I would not be, nor feel complete until I surrendered to my age-old dream.

I had also wanted to be a motivational speaker, plus I also had a burning desire of one day recording my own CD. Those thoughts would constantly haunt me, and that intense nudging within me was not going away. I knew I was being put to the test. The time had arrived for me to take action! And I knew exactly what I had to do.

Within a short time, I walked away from my business and made a total commitment to be the speaker I often dreamed of being. Before too long I also fulfilled my long time dream of recording my first CD.

Now, I was set to start my next new business. As I prepared my business plan, my goal was to have my new business be profitable within the first three months. Little did I know that there would be a few lessons that I was to learn. Three months came and went. A year went by, and before I knew it, I found myself faced with some of my biggest spiritual and physical challenges ever.

It took me awhile before I could admit to myself that my ego was suffering. How could I have been so successful before and now that I was following my dream, like I was supposed to, success was not coming (or so I thought). I had lost my golden touch, I was sure of it. What was I not doing right?

After going through a couple of years of agonizing hell and questioning myself, I figured out that I was truly on a “Hero's Journey”.  I found myself going through a spiritual upheaval and a tremendous challenge of my faith. All of my methods, values and tactics practiced in my previous business accomplishments had become ineffective. They were simply not working for me anymore.  It felt like someone had pulled the carpet from under my feet. Feelings of great defeat and extreme fear were overwhelming me.

Failure kept showing its ugly face to me along with intense feelings of inadequacy. I strongly felt I was letting my family and myself down. I thought that stepping in to my purpose was the guarantee of great success. I questioned my prior decision to leave my lucrative career and all that I was trying to accomplish. 

However, even in my darkest hour, I knew there was no going back. I had to push forward. Sometimes just barely chugging along.

Then totally unsolicited, my music fell into the hands of Dr. Ronald Jones, Ph. D., a Quantum Physicist who contacted me to tell me that he and his team had discovered energy frequencies in my music that actually harmonized the flow of energy in the body and the brain resulting in an "instant increase" of strength, heightened consciousness and the reduction of stress.

Wow, that was more than I could fathom, let alone believe.  His words freaked me out.  I did not want to have these frequencies in my music.  Seeing my doubt, he went on to tell me, "You have two choices in life!  You can either deny your gifts and live a life of misery or you can claim your talent and use it as a tool to help others!"

Needless to say, I chose option two.

Today, I am totally committed to being a Harmonizer of people's lives. 

Through my Harmonic Alignment Technology, you will discover the essence of living beyond your expectations, tap into your passions to fully realize your dreams and open your mind to new possibilities.  

May your life be filled with beautiful music!

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