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E252: Don't Die With Your Music Still In You!

Today I wanted to send you some extra encouragement for you to be true to your commitment to shining your light in this New Year, and to remind you that you don't have forever to listen to your fears or any other stories that prevent you from expressing your purpose.

As I’ve been supporting my father with his health challenges, I’m reminded that I don’t have forever to mess around or allow my fears to hold me back. I want to make sure that when my time has come to get light beamed off the planet, that I did everything I could to be true to my music.

Perhaps that’s why we don’t have forever in this form. If we did, we might forever allow our fears to stop us from being true to our authentic expression.

I want to encourage you to be true to your music! Move past your fear, let go of your self-imposed limitations, and be true to your music and purpose. It’s the key to transforming your life, and making the world a better place.

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