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EP261: Stop Trying To Find Your Limiting Beliefs!

We all have limiting beliefs to one degree or another that we’ve picked up over the course of our lives. These limiting beliefs show up as our challenges and disharmonious experiences. So many of us have been taught that we need to find out what our limiting belief is in order to transcend it.

In this week’s episode, Mark shares how you don’t need to find out what your limiting beliefs are, you just need to identify the frequency of it or how it makes you feel. By stepping into your innate power to command energy, you can reach within yourself and release the limiting beliefs that are showing up as disharmony in your life.

Within every challenge, obstacle, and recurring negative pattern is an opportunity to let go, release and free yourself from what binds you in life. Through this process you can begin to enlighten your energy and move through life with more grace and ease.

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