The Story Behind The Music

We live in a world that is rapidly changing, and our understanding of the universe and the nature of life have been completely rewritten thanks to quantum physics.

We previously thought we were solid bone, muscle, and organs, but we now realize that we are made of energy. In fact, everything in the material world, when broken down beyond the molecular level, is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Things only appear solid because our senses have been calibrated to receive certain wavelengths of vibration, giving us our sight, touch, smell, feeling, and hearing. The bottomline is… everything is energy!

Quantum physics basically says that we are made of the same energy that set the universe in motion. We are amazing expressions of this thing called, life.

The Static and Noise Caused By Our Modern-Day World!

In 2005, I worked with a team of scientists who were studying the negative effects of the 80,000+ man-made chemicals in our air, food, water, as well as the interruptions caused by the electromagnetic fields being produced by our electronic technology (TV, cell phones, and computers) that have permeated every aspect of our lives.

Through physical testing, muscle testing, and EEG brain mapping, they were able to prove that these influences in our environment were actually disrupting our connection to this field of energy, which caused our stress, compromised our health and wellbeing, and lowered our levels of consciousness.

The only way for humanity to evolve to the next level and open itself to higher levels of health and awareness is to lift itself above the static and noise caused by these negative influences in our modern-day world.

The Call To Action

I was once invited to a lecture where Dr. Ronald Jones was demonstrating how the things we use everyday were interrupting our personal energy, and causing tremendous stress, compromised physical energy, lower levels of health, and compromised brain functions.

Putting The Music To The Test

Through demonstrations utilizing strength testing, muscle testing, range-of-motion, and applied kinesiology, I witnessed how these things such as cell phones, laptops, computers, and common chemicals were actually compromising our energy and making us weaker.

Halfway through their demonstrations, Dr. Jones asked me to come on and play some music. What happened next… changed my life forever. As soon as I began to play, I saw the audience’s physical energy instantly shift right before my eyes! Participants who were once weak from these interrupters were now instantly stronger and no longer affected when exposed to the same negative influences.

I went home not sure what I had experienced. I had no prior knowledge of quantum physics or looked at my own world beyond my physical senses.

A few weeks later, Dr. Jones called to inform me that they had completed a preliminary study of my music and found that it contained frequencies within it that actually null-and-voided the negative effects of these energy interrupters.

Out of this discovery, emerged a revolutionary sound healing technology that is supporting people around the world in healing their lives, expanding their consciousness, and enhancing their ability to compose the life of their dreams. 

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