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Now, you can instantly transform your life and your environment into one that supports expanded awareness, mental clarity and radiant good health! By simply taking a 5-minute break once or twice a day to sit back and listen to my high-vibration music, you can begin to transform your life and restore harmony. 

Less Than 5 Minutes to Bliss!

Begin to melt away limiting thoughts and beliefs with these powerful playlists designed to enhance the many beautiful facets of your life. In just minutes a day, you can begin to live a more empowered and fully expressed life.

Harmonize Your Life Sample

Unlimited Prosperity Sample

Vibrational Success Sample


Thousands of lives transformed

Mark’s music is what we call ‘organizing music’. When we look at what Mark’s music does to the physical body, we see an increase in flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance and balance. The music also keeps people in a coherent state when exposed to Electromagnetic Fields from cell phones and other electronic devices.

Dr. Ronald H. Jones, Ph.D.

Former Top Consultant to NASA

In the sixth century, the famous Greek scientist, Pythagoras, believed that the movement of the stars and planets were explained by musical harmonics and vibrations. Mark is the modern Pythagoras who brings musical vibrations to inspire people and organizations!

Ralph Kilmann

Mark is inspiring, using the art of music to deliver messages of motivation and achievement that literally open doors to infinite untapped possibilities to experiencing extraordinary results!

Randall Blaum

Unlock Your Ability To Quickly And Effortlessly Manifest Your True Potential


3 Powerful Musical Mantra Series

Choose The One That’s Right For YOU! 

Harmonize Your Life Musical Mantras

Transcend all limiting thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that are out-picturing as the obstacles and challenges in your life through this musical mantra and healing series.

Total Running Time: 5+ Hours


Vibrational Success Series

Dramatically reduce stress, enhance your body's ability to heal and open to higher levels of awareness with this 24-hour musical solution for optimizing your energy.

Total Running Time: 3+ Hours


Unlimited Prosperity Mantra Series

Release the feelings and negative emotions that must be eliminated in order to create more prosperity in your life. through this powerful program.

Total Running Time: 1+ Hours


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