Mark Romero is a unique Master Speaker, Energy Sound Healer and Visionary who's helping to transform the world “one note at a time!”

Mark Romero, is a name synonymous with success…in both his personal and professional life, and his ability to mentor and “teach” success…and individual fulfillment…to others.

Throughout a 19-year career in the electronics industry, Mark has continually challenged the traditional models that governed how to be successful. 

As he climbed the corporate ladder, he studied the “masters” of success from the worlds of business, life, philosophy, wisdom and self-help–absorbing the essence that made each of them excel. 

It was the catalyst for Mark’s own remarkable success.

Empowering people's lives!

“Mr. Mark Romero's talent is indeed a milestone in the overall mission of empowering lives of people.”

Dr. Ronald H. Jones, Ph.D.

Former Top Consultant to NASA

What he discovered was an essential core foundation of principles and pathways inherent in all he studied. And what emerged was the clear understanding that there exist many options by which these pathways can be accessed and how we can truly live successful lives.

His method consistently made him a top performer, producing unparalleled results in sales, customer relations and executive management. Using his proven philosophy, Mark founded his own electronics company in his garage…and in five years realized a $15 million a year business.

Yet, despite his great success, Mark felt discontent…he had never gone for his real dream. From the time he was a young boy, Mark was always curious, always seeking to gain a better understanding of life and help others realize their magnificence.

Mark saw many of his peers continually sacrifice their personal lives as they strove to be successful, only to realize they were still discontent. Always one to ask “why?”…Mark began to challenge the standard model. He was determined to create a pathway where people could be prosperous, but more importantly have passion, meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

And so it was that Mark Romero literally walked away from the career he knew best to pursue his passion and dream…to do more with his music, using it and his lessons learned to help others realize their ability to construct successful and inspired lives.

A former top-consultant from NASA has proven that Mark’s music has frequencies in it that actually put listeners into a higher state of consciousness and helped them to live healthier, stronger and vital lives.

Recognizing he truly enjoyed leading and coaching others to higher levels of success, Mark has developed a totally unique and never before experienced process that is helping people to create more passion, purpose, meaning and fulfillment in their professional and day-to-day lives. Dedicated to empowering and motivating businesses and individuals, Mark infuses his harmonizing music and new ways of thinking…opening doors to untapped possibilities and extraordinary results.

You have a remarkable gift.

“Your message and your music is significant in the world we live in today.  You have a remarkable gift that can make a distinct difference in one's work and life!”

Herb Josepher

Prudential California Realty

Change Your Music
Change Your Life

By simply listening to this high-vibration healing music, you'll instantly shift into a greater sense of awareness, clarity and radiant magnificence! 

(Gift also includes a downloadable companion workbook!)

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