Mark Romero Music Testimonials

Discover what people are saying about Mark and his High-Vibration music and how it is powerfully and positively impacting their lives.

“You make gorgeous music!”
Marianne Williamson

“I was a little skeptical about Mark’s claim that his music actually made changes in brain wave patterns and strengthen people, until I experimented on my nephew who is Autistic. I played the music for him during a forty-five minute drive, and received amazing results. This child spends much of his time distracted and talking to himself, but while listening to Mark’s music, he was able to concentrate on our conversation and give me feedback to every question I asked him. He has never done this before with me! Needless to say, I highly recommend the music and the work Mark is doing.” Ken D. Foster CEO – Shared Vision Network

“Mark’s music reached directly into my subconscious, releasing old issues and memories. Blockages dissipated! I now begin and end every day with Mark’s music. It sets up my day and helps me center and focus, and I believe it increases productivity. This is the most amazing process I have experienced!” Pam McLellan

“Mark’s soulful musical style and powerful insights are designed to make one think “outside the box” regarding certain models of living in our society. I feel this philosophy towards a new way of thinking is essential for a more fulfilling and successful life. Mark definitely has his finger on the pulse of what I have been looking for and perhaps what society needs more than ever. I recommend and encourage the use of Mark’s services to any organization or individual seeking to bring their level of satisfaction higher, whether it be increased business productivity, greater fulfillment in their personal relationships, or just finding a way to tap into their greatest potential in every level of their life!” Kevin Fitzgerald, President of Fitzgerald Tours and Cruises Inc.

“Mark Romero’s musical process is helping me bring balance in my multifaceted life and awakening me to see daily magical moments. I was deep in the “doing”… not allowing the “being” and working much too hard. This very important shift is opening me up to new ways of achieving success. I highly recommend anyone wanting have the more enjoyable path to success and balance in your life to engage in Mark’s work.” Pat Burns

“We’ve had it playing since we got home from the concert and just keep it on repeat. Whenever I start to feel a bit overwhelmed, I just stop, listen and breathe, and I’m instantaneously grounded and ready for the next thing. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Mark’s music in my life right now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! — for introducing me to his music and for bringing him to Vancouver.” Emily Bouchard

“Wow! Mark’s music puts your mind in a state of harmony, relaxation, and at peace. He is a man of great passion and a beautiful soul. I listen to Mark’s music every night before I go to sleep and when I have guests over for dinner I play his music in the background. Since I have been playing his music at night before I go to bed I have been able to have a deeper sleep and a clearer mind and less stress. My friend’s always ask me how they can get their hands on Mark’s music!! I would highly recommend you purchasing his music today, I am going to give Mark’s music 5 Stars ***** because I can!!!! Thank you for blessing us with your music Mark.” Mike Bennett

“In the sixth century, the famous Greek scientist, Pythagoras, believed that the movement of the stars and planets were explained by musical harmonics and vibrations. You are the modern Pythagoras who brings musical vibrations to inspire people and organizations!” Ralph Killmann

“I’ve become a big fan of Mark Romero’s music since I first heard him play. I feel ‘something magical in the air’ as well as instantly am put at ease. When I learned that his music is a rare scientific find, not a day goes by without listening to his soothing, energy- and life-enhancing environment booster. It sets up my day for a foundation of balance, wholeness, health, prosperity and enchantment!” Maria Carter

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