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The Vibrational Success Series

Create the Optimal Vibration for Success and Happiness through the Power of Music!

Now you can instantly transform your environment into one that supports expanded awareness, mental clarity, radiant good health, and optimized energy!

We have all heard of the importance of raising our vibration and how it is essential to be in alignment with the success and happiness we desire. We've tried thinking and affirming our way into alignment, but for most of us it has not worked...

Maybe we need to think outside the box to create that alignment…and look at something we have never looked at before….

These energy systems control our body functions and impact our health and consciousness - and ultimately our ability to create and manifest the life of our dreams. Just like a symphony orchestra, it is essential that these systems be in harmony.

Unfortunately, we live in a world
that has put us into a state of disharmony!

Today scientists are discovering that the over 80,000 man-made chemicals in our air, food, and water, and the countless electromagnetic fields (EMFs) being produced by cell phones, computers, and modern-day technology are actually interrupting our connection to this field of energy causing stress, compromised health, and lower levels of consciousness.

Technology is everywhere. Every house has several televisions, a microwave oven, appliances, and electrical lighting. Wi-Fi is becoming more and more common in houses and businesses – and even if you don’t have Wi-Fi yourself, you are being exposed to the EMF’s from your neighbor’s!

Power companies are installing smart meters on your home to monitor your use of electricity and are beaming that information back to their location via bursts of microwave radiation that are emitting from your home 24/7!

What are the implications of exposure to
these energy interrupters?

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests exposure to these energy interrupters is disturbing the production of melatonin, which is linked to sleep patterns and can be responsible for the dramatic increases we are seeing in sleep disorders.

More and more evidence is emerging linking EMF’s to rises in Autism, Alzheimer’s, ADD and ADHD. Scientists are also looking at the erratic brain wave activity being caused by cell phone use and how it is affecting our memory and focus, as well as impeding our creativity, intuition and “sixth sense.” There is even mounting evidence linking EMF’s to increases in cancers in adults and children.

Our health, bodies, and human expression are tied into the electromagnetic pulse of the earth or what is referred to as Schumann’s resonance. Now scientists are realizing that all of our technology is disconnecting us from this essential pulse, and that this might be linked to the dramatic decrease of bees and extinction of birds.

We have literally submerged ourselves into an environment filled with static and noise!

We constantly communicate to the field via our intentions and thoughts. The field communicates back to us via our creativity, intuition, and positive feelings. In order for us to operate at an optimal level, we must enhance this connection. To do this, we first have to eliminate the “static and noise” and also boost our signal if we are going to expand our awareness, improve our health, and become more magnificent expressions of life!

Top-Ranking Scientists Can’t Be Wrong!

A top-ranking former consultant to NASA discovered that when people listened to an Indian monk by the name of Paramhansa Yogananda chant, there were actual dramatic shifts in the listener’s energy field, and they were shielded from the negative effects of energy interrupters. After observing this, Dr. Jones began to search the world for other music that would allow people to lift themselves above the static and noise at will.

Dr. Jones serendipitously got one of my CDs and discovered that my music has frequencies in it that null-and-void the negative effects of energy interrupters in our environment, and puts listeners into a higher state of consciousness. He also observed that listening dramatically reduced stress, and helped people live a healthier and fulfilling life!

Listen to the Music!

Through applied kinesiology, strength testing, range of motion tests, and EEG brain-mapping, Dr. Jones was able to show that certain music had the ability to lift people above the static and noise caused by these interrupters.
When the music played, listeners had an instant increase in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance. They also experience a dramatic reduction of stress, heightened creativity and intuition, and improvement in memory and focus. All of these resulted from the effect the music had in bringing the individual into harmony with the field.

After Dr. Jones’ discovery of the effectiveness of my music, I launched my website and began offering it to the public. Almost immediately I began receiving tremendous feedback from people all over the world how by simply playing the music in their home or office, they were experiencing dramatic shifts in their lives.

Parents of children with autism and ADHD, Alzheimer’s patients, and stressed corporate executives, all began passionately communicating the positive improvements my music had on their daily functioning, and how by simply pushing play on their CD or MP3 player were able to instantly transform the energy in their environment thus their own health and well-being.

In this program you will receive…

This music is powerful and beautiful on it’s own. Experience today how it can
instantly shift your energy opening the door for all the love, success, clarity and happiness you can imagine comes flooding in.

Begin today to create the vibration for optimal success and happiness through the
power of Mark’s music!

The Vibrational Success System

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