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The Harmonized Life Solutions Energized Nautilus Pendant

A well-tuned Biofield is your key to energy, wellness and balance.

The human Biofield, the energy field permeating and surrounding the human body, functions as both the orchestra and the music, ensuring a harmonious performance of vibratory states necessary for your well-being and overall vitality.

According to the latest theories and research in biophysics, the Biofield contains life energies vital to human wellness. These Biofield energies regulate and balance the systems at the cellular level to the whole person.

One of the main functions of the Biofield is to strengthen your ability to cope with stress.

Physical, emotional, and environmental stress from chemicals, cell phones, Wifi, computers and modern-day living can rupture the integrity of your Biofield. The weaker your Biofield, the less able it is to resist additional stress. When your Biofield is weak, your life becomes a vicious cycle of “noise” and “static” that stresses you and seriously compromises your ability to function.

If you are unable to adapt to stress in a positive way, you will experience very negative effects in your well-being and performance. Many authorities, such as the Harvard Medical School, link chronic stress to nearly every adverse health issue we experience.

When energy is in harmony, life flourishes.
When it is in disharmony, life suffers.

Modern life has taken its toll on us by creating disturbances in the harmony we naturally have with the Earth’s Energy.

What puts us into a state of disharmony?

  • Any of the 82,000 manmade chemicals that have become part of modern life (cleaning supplies, lawn chemicals and beauty products, just to name a few)
  • Interference from electronic devices (high-tension electrical lines, cell phones, wifi, smart meters, computers, microwaves, etc.)
  • Disempowering thoughts and emotions (family issues, past failures, etc.)
  • Toxins in the air you breathe, water you drink and food you eat (smog, preservatives, GMO’s, etc.)

The Solution

A former top consultant to NASA discovered that the energy in Mark’s music eliminates the negative effects of cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, environmental toxins and the energetic residue of negative emotions and thoughts, restoring harmony and balance to the Biofield. The result is a dramatic reduction of stress, improved physical energy, increased health and vitality and enhanced mental functions.

Now through a proprietary energetic process we are able to take that same energy and infuse it into this pendant giving you all of the benefits of Mark's music 24/7.

When you wear Mark Romero’s Harmonizing Energy Pendants, your Biofield harmonizes and strengthens... and your whole being functions optimally. The vibrational quality of the pendant:

  • resonates with your entire Biofield to maintain optimal strength, vitality and resilience in the presence of stress that threatens to damage and corrupt it;
  • quickly resets your overall balance if your Biofield is disturbed, resetting imbalances and restoring harmony;
  • enhances your body’s innate intelligence;
  • strengthens and supports your body’s ability to self-heal; and
  • allows the whole system to reorganize at a higher level of performance – one that is more robust in creatively adapting to stress.

Are you ready to experience a revolutionary new way to empower your life?

Now through the latest technology, you can keep yourself in tune and harmony 24/7. By simply wearing this pendant, you can null-and-void the negative effects of cell phones, EMFs, Wifi, and toxic chemicals. Whether you are playing Mark's music or not, you now have the ability to keep your energy optimized all the time!

Pewter Energized Nautilus Coin Necklace with Cotton Cord

Pewter Nautilus Energized pendant comes on an adjustable waxed cotton cord.  It is the size of a quarter and may be worn by male or female.

Discover how something as simple as a pendant can make a profound difference in your life!

Price: $97

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