If you answered yes, you are out of tune with Universal Energy/Source Energy.

The answer to your problems lies in clearing out blockages and removing interference in your personal energy field.

Our understanding of how the universe works has been completely transformed by the revelations brought about by quantum physics…

… that we are not solid matter at all (muscle, organs, bones) but that we are - at our most basic subatomic level - made up of energy.

A healthy human body has a very specific frequency. When you’re “in harmony” everything hums along beautifully.

You are “in the Flow.” “In the Zone.” “In your Power.”

But modern life has caused serious disturbances in our energy and you may have few, if any, of these sublime moments when everything is going right.

Wellness, happiness and abundance
are your natural states.
If these are lacking from your life,
you are in disharmony.

In 2005, I found out just how important it is to be in harmony.

I worked with a team of scientists who were studying the negative effects of the 82,000+ man-made chemicals in our air, food and water, as well as interruptions caused by the electromagnetic fields produced by our electronic technology (TV, cell phones, Wifi, smart meters and computers) that have permeated every aspect of our lives.

Even if we can’t hear this energetic noise,

it is like any audible static or noise - it disrupts our natural harmonic state.

Think of it from the perspective of a songbird. Birds living in noisy cities have been forced to adapt and alter their behavior just to be heard over the incessant din of honking horns, machinery, vehicle traffic and even loud music. Since birds rely on their songs to communicate - to attract mates, defend territory and alert each other to predators - they need to be heard. Birds that can’t be heard have difficulty reproducing and even surviving. They become highly stressed, and it’s been documented that because of this dissonance and noise, bird populations in cities have suffered a drastic decline.

But what about the effect of harmony or disharmony on people? What about the “silent noise” that bombards us every day?

Through physical testing, muscle testing, and EEG brain mapping, scientists were able to prove that these influences in our environment were actually interrupting our connection to the field of energy that is the basis of all life - the quantum field, or Source energy.

The Result?

low physical energy
poor brain function
compromised health and well-being
lowered consciousness

Are you ready to bring resonance and harmony back into your life?

Clear your energy and harmonize your life
with a powerful

Home Harmonization

by Mark Romero

What kind of energy is transmitted?

It is the energy that created everything in the universe. It is within all of us, but if you are not living the life you intuitively know you are capable of living… should be living… then your Source energy is severely disrupted.

In order to solve your financial problems, personal problems and physical problems, Source energy must be allowed to flow freely without disruption.

I watched the scientists demonstrate the negative effects of these man-made interrupters. Halfway through the demonstrations, the leading scientist, Dr. Jones, asked me to play some music. What happened next… changed my life forever. As soon as I began to play, I saw the audience’s physical energy instantly shift right before my eyes! Participants who were once weak from these interrupters were now instantly stronger and no longer affected when exposed to the same negative influences.

I had never looked at the world this way. I had always looked at it based on my physical senses.

Like you, and anybody else, I had no idea that this “other world” of energy existed.

A few weeks later, Dr. Jones called to inform me that they had completed a preliminary study of my music and found that it contained frequencies within it that actually null-and-voided the negative effects of these energy interrupters.

Dr. Jones explained that when a person’s energy is optimized
and they are brought in harmony with this field of energy,
they experience an instant increase in strength, flexibility,
endurance, coordination, and balance.

Through EEG brain mapping, they demonstrated how the music shifted brainwave functions into a state identified with athletes as the peak performance zone. Most importantly, the body and brain maintained this higher state when being exposed to energy interrupters.

Dr. Jones explained that my music was a powerful tool that people could easily utilize to lift themselves above the static and noise caused by these negative interrupters, instantly reduce stress, improve their health and wellness, and open themselves to new levels of brain function and consciousness.

That was the start…

… of something that completely blew me away.

Most of the energy interrupters that hold us back are not external noise or the ‘noise’ caused by electronics and chemicals.

The most potent of all negative energy interrupters are our limiting thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and stories that we have written about life.

Every thought, belief, and perception we have… creates a vibration. That vibration then communicates to the quantum field, and the quantum field responds accordingly to what we are broadcasting.

It does not matter if our thoughts are empowering or disempowering, life responds accordingly, and without judgment!

I thought, “If my music null-and-voids energy interrupters within our environment, maybe it will null-and-void the energy interrupters within our heads!”

To truly evolve and improve our lives, we must find a way to null-and-void these stories of lack, not good enough, powerlessness, and victim-hood which plague so many of us every day.

Life is a projection of your energy.

When you set your intentions, life shape-shifts to match them.
When you change your personal energy, life changes accordingly.

From this, my “musical mantras” were born. These mantras will clear all negative blocks and barriers that have prevented you from creating the life of your dreams.

Clear your energy now with a powerful Home Harmonization!

Where are your thoughts manifested? Everywhere in your life! But the greatest concentration of ‘your’ energy is in your home. Your home is a direct reflection of the state of your being. Negative energy in your home affects you day and night and harmonizing your home more thoroughly clears negativity from your life.

I was thrilled I could help people with my music...
but I was about to be blown away yet again!

I mentioned that thoughts are the greatest energy interrupters of all.

I found out over the course of a couple of years, working with many people, that it was not just my music that was harmonizing people’s lives…

… it was my ability to project Source energy remotely, through the power of my intention!

This has been demonstrated time and time again, and I am still blown away by the simple elegance of it.

Energy…in harmony…gives rise to a magnificent life!

Home Harmonization is a powerful remote energy transmission I send to your home, to energize all of the discordant energy producers in the home like cell phones, computers, Wifi, toxic chemicals and smart meters.

Looking ahead at the effects of this energy transmission, you can see that the benefits are easily worth much more than the $995 regular cost.

Now you can instantly transform your environment

into one that supports expanded awareness,
mental clarity, radiant good health, and optimized energy!

This provides a positive boost to your thought energy too, effectively raising your vibration so that you become a vibrational match for everything you desire!

Create the Energy for Optimal Success and Happiness
in Your Own Home!

A Home Harmonization will clear your environment of negative energy so you can:
• Tune into your personal power to enhance everyday performance
• Create extraordinary results regardless of personal circumstances
• Shape your life into anything you desire
• Tap into your unlimited potential
• Experience improvement in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
• Null and void the negative effects of all energy interrupters
• Break free of obstacles holding you back from your greatness

Tap into Source energy: energy that is limitless… unafraid… loving… creative… intelligent… infinite… all-powerful…

Open the doors to higher levels of health, vitality and consciousness!

From all of the negative influences in our environment and the results of our negative conditioned thought processes, we have created a world that is in severe disharmony. All we have to do is turn on the news or read the paper, and we see disharmony everywhere!

But anything that is in disharmony can be brought into harmony… just like an instrument is tuned to a tuning fork.

To positively and powerfully change your life, you must come into harmony with Source energy, or the infinite field of possibility.

Energy transmissions are an unprecedented approach
to health, wealth, happiness, harmonious relationships
and an open invitation to live the life you desire.

Use the powerful Home Harmonization energy transmission to restore Source energy in your environment and in yourself. Rise above the static and noise in your world… transcend the self-limiting stories and tune into your greatness... and live out the highest possibilities for your life.

After your Home Harmonizing session, you will:
• Enhance physical wellbeing and strength
• Build extraordinary momentum towards your dreams and goals
• Get clarity on the steps you need to take to be successful
• Build your confidence, faith, and belief in yourself
• Feel empowered to take on the greatest challenges

Play the game of life with gusto!

Think of what could open up for you if you removed the static and noise of all energy interrupters…

Consciously create your desired circumstances!

Clear out negative thought energy and experience OVERFLOWING ABUNDANCE!

Harmonize your life and compose your
most magnificent lifesong!

Through my remote energy transmission, you can shift the energy in your food, water, clothing, jewelry, personal possessions and your home and bring yourself into harmony with Source energy. 

Take part today in this revolutionary way of changing your life at the Source by harmonizing yourself with this energy, in which everything and anything is possible!

Be part of a new revolution in human consciousness. 21st century challenges cannot be solved using 20th century methods…

Science now recognizes that all creation arises out of thoughts, and harmonizing your energy to Source energy is how you become a Conscious Creator…

… able to achieve anything you set your mind to!

Accelerate and expand your potential through powerful transmissions and harmonizing music by Mark Romero.

Home Harmonization includes the home, appliances, Wifi, smart meters plus portable electronic devices.

Price: $497

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