Heal Your Life
through the Power of Music


Your body is an amazing expression of life and universal energy!
It is a miraculous feedback vehicle that masterfully mirrors back who and what you are being.
Through your feelings your body lets you know when you are out of alignment
with the truth of who and what you are.

If we feel good, we know that we are in alignment. When we feel bad, it is an indicator that we are out of alignment with our truth. Your body will let you know where you need to address your thoughts and core beliefs.

Over time if we don’t heed its messages, the body will amplify the signal until it gets our attention. Over years, unresolved issues will out-picture in as health challenges, dis-ease and physical disharmony.

The key to healing our lives is to go within and resolve the issues that are the root cause of the disharmony. We have been so conditioned to take action outside of ourselves to change things. We take medicine, go on diets and take pain pills to mask the symptoms, but the core issue still remains.

To change the outer, we must change inner.
We literally have to write over and release the thoughts and beliefs
that say we are anything but magnificent, powerful and divine.

Ten years ago, a former top-consultant to NASA discovered frequencies in Mark Romero’s music that have the ability to overwrite limiting beliefs and support people in rising above the static and noise of their own limiting beliefs and core issues.

Now through the power of music, energy and your intention, you can reclaim your power back from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are out-picturing as disharmony in your health, and begin to restore harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

With the Heal Your Life through
the Power of Music Online Course...

you will be taken on a powerful healing and magical musical journey that will lead you through
powerful processes that will support you in letting go of the core beliefs that are the cause
behind the disharmony in your body, mind and spirit.

Each week, you will have access to powerful healing playlists of music, transformational mindsets and processes that will support you in letting go of what is no longer serving you and restore harmony to your body and life.

Week 1: Empowering Mindsets 
Begin the process of overwriting any limited thinking you have about yourself, life and the world. The mind is the gatekeeper of what you manifest. Change your mind and you change your world.

Week 2: Vision
Access your unlimited power and use it to create your desired results. Through this module you will ignite your vision and dramatically enhance your ability to shape and shift the world around you.

Week 3: Gratitude
This state of being is one of the most powerful and transformative energies you can build in your life. By igniting the gratitude for all of the blessings in your life, you open the door for healing and transformation.

Week 4: Forgiveness
We all have issues and experiences in our lives that were deeply painful. Through this module you will release deep-seated resentment and anger that is in your energy field, and free yourself to move forward with momentum and ease.

Week 5: Reclaiming Power
You are made of the same energy that set this beautiful universe in motion! Through this module, you will access that energy and consciously use it to orchestrate your life. There are no limitations to what you are capable of achieving!

Week 6: Attachment
Very seldom does life unfold to our time schedule or in the way we think it should. Set your self free from the attachments in your life, and experience what can open for you when you stop fighting life and go with the flow.

You will get access to this six module
online series, which includes…

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This music is powerful and beautiful on it’s own.
Experience today how it can instantly shift
your energy aligning you with a more
vibrant and healthy life!

Step into reclaiming your power today
by restoring harmony to your body, mind and spirit!

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