The Most Potent of All Energy Disrupters!

Discover what is the most potent of all energy disrupters and how Mark's music and processes can help you to restore harmony and balance in your life.

The most potent of all negative energy disruptors are our limiting thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and stories that we have written about life. Every thought, belief, and perception we have… creates a vibration. That vibration then communicates to the quantum field, and the quantum field responds accordingly to what we are broadcasting.

It does not matter if our thoughts are empowering or disempowering, life responds accordingly, and without judgment!

“If my music null-and-voids energy interrupters within our environment, maybe it will null-and-void the energy interrupters within our heads!”

We have all created limiting beliefs and plugged them into the operating system software of our minds. But in order to truly evolve our lives, we must find a way to null-and-void these stories of lack, not good enough, powerlessness, and victim-hood which plague so many of us every day.

During a private coaching session, I thought I would test my music in this way.

A young lady was struggling to create a healthy relationship. In the course of our conversation, I learned that she was harboring a lot of resentment. She had a good amount of unresolved issues… with her father.

I asked her if she was willing to forgive her father and told her I was going to play a piece of music on forgiveness. I just took a deep breath, set an intention, and out came a song I had never played. I recorded the song and sent it to her requesting that she play it as much as possible.

Two days later, she called me blown away! She informed me that her father had called her out of the blue and asked if she would be open to reconciliation and forgiveness. She was amazed as she mentioned this behavior was completely out of the norm for her father.

I explained that her life was a projection of her energy. I asked her to her intention and played the song. When she changed her personal energy, life shaped and shifted to match… creating the opportunity to heal something that needed to be healed in order to create the relationship she desired.

From this discovery, I started creating intentional pieces of music called “musical mantras”. Through these pieces, I have been able to help people move past the blocks and barriers that have been preventing them from reaching their goals and creating the life of their dreams.

Let’s face it! The world needs to change! From all of the negative influences in our environment and the outwardly expressed miscreations of our thought processes, we have created a world that is in severe disharmony. All we have to do is turn on the news or read the paper, and we see the results of this disharmony.

In order for us to positively and powerfully change the world we live in, we must raise ourselves above the static and noise of our modern-day world, transcend the limiting stories we have created about life and ourselves, and expand our awareness and awaken to our power and ability to consciously create our lives!

Remember the old FM radio dials where you had 88.5 on one end and 108.5 on the other end? Well, we live in a world where all these negative influences are broadcasting at 88.5. At that frequency, we receive the negative effects of our limiting thoughts and beliefs and the energy interrupters in our environment causing us more stress, disease, and lower levels of consciousness.

But what if we could move ourselves up that dial to 92.7, or above? What would happen is we would no longer be able to receive the broadcast of stress, worry, poor health and anxiety. We would be tuned into new stations of vibrant health, prosperity, joy, happiness, and empowerment. Ultimately, we would rise above the static and noise in our world and tune into our greatness and possibilities for our lives, and the world we live in.

I believe the time has come for humanity to awaken to its true power and nature. We are made of the same stuff that set this universe in motion. That stuff is greatness, unlimited in its potential, and pure magnificence.

We have come here to play the game of life, have the experience of creating our lives, and through this experience, life evolves through each and every one of us. We are not powerless or victims of circumstances! We are the creators of our circumstances!

The guitar is a great metaphor because like it, we have faceted lives. The facets are the strings. The strumming and plucking are the actions we take through those facets. That is, we produce a result, which becomes the music we express in our lives.

I don’t care how masterfully we play the game of life, if our strings aren’t in tune, we will never play beautiful music or become aware of our magnificence and unlimited power!

In order to transform our lives and break through to a new level of possibility, we must tune the strings of our life expression and bring ourselves into harmony with the field of possibility. When we accomplish this, we awaken to our power and when we awaken to our power, we step into being the composer of our lives.

Play Beautiful Music through YOUR Life!

I believe that each and every one of us has a song; a song that is inherently ours, and only ours to express. That song is our purpose,. It is what we came here to have the experiencing of expressing in our life!

When we get ourselves in harmony, we get in touch with our unlimited power, and we open to the possibility of expressing the most beautiful music through our lives.

I always say that the universe has a song, and we are the strings in which it will play its song. It is not the government, some date on a calendar, or anything external to ourselves that is going to create the change we are looking for in our lives and the world we live in.

It is going to be the expression of our music, song and purpose that will ultimately create the change we are looking for in our lives and world.

Harmonize YOUR life, unleash YOUR unlimited power, and be the composer of YOUR life!

Through EEG brain mapping, they demonstrated how the music shifted brainwave functions into a state identified with athletes as the peak performance zone. Most importantly, the body and brain maintained this higher state when being exposed to energy interrupters.

Dr. Jones explained that my music was a powerful tool that people could easily utilize to lift themselves above the static and noise caused by these negative interrupters, instantly reduce stress, improve their health and wellness, and open themselves to new levels of brain function and consciousness.

From this discovery, I launched, and began providing music products and services to help people reduce the negative impact of energy interrupters.

My personal mission is to help people harmonize their lives, awaken to their personal power, and show them how to be the composer of their life experience.

Through my products, coaching and training programs, you find the resources you need to bring yourself into harmony with the field of possibility, access your power, and begin to consciously create your life!

After all, the world needs our music, and it is that music that will change the world!

May your life be filled with beautiful music!

Mark Romero

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