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The Story Behind Mark Romero's Music...

A few years ago a former top-consultant to NASA discovered frequencies in my music that shift listeners into higher states of health, consciousness and physical energy. Simply by playing the music in your environment you can tune yourself up and dramatically reduce your stress, enhance your memory & focus, and heighten your creativity & intuition.

We have received testimonials from all over the world how this music has helped listeners in so many different ways. In this free download, you will receive an mp3 of the song, Midnight Sun from the Suenos Infinitos CD, a powerful "Grounding" visualization to reduce stress, access to an inspirational movie to inspire you on your journey, and experience firsthand how the music can instantly increase your physical energy.

Please help yourself to some complimentary MP3s, and an inspirational movie!

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How to Download... PC Computers: To download the mp3's to your computer "right click" with your mouse and "Save Target As". Mac: To download the mp3's to your computer "ctrl + click" (hold down the control key as you click) with your mouse and "Save Link As".

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If you have any questions, please email us at: support@markromeromusic.com

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Mark Romero