Are you ready to tune into a new level of prosperity?

Discover how you can tune into true prosperity! Never before have I seen such a time where so many cornerstones of society are breaking down! Between the realizations of our broken political system, the media, Hollywood, and the treatment and respect of women, we are literally seeing all of the old paradigms break down before…

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Master Your Emotional Energy!

Discover how by mastering your emotional energy you can open to more abundance! How do you align your state of being with a more prosperous life? Well, the first step is to learn how to leverage your emotional energy. Your emotions are your energy detector. They let you know what frequency you are tuned into.…

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Unleash the Prosperous YOU!

4 key steps for tapping into the Prosperous energy within YOU! One of the biggest challenges many of us are facing is the lack of money and prosperity. Nothing can be more frustrating and heartbreaking then the struggle to provide for our families, invest in ourselves, or feel trapped in the endless loop of lack…

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A sure-fire way to become aware of your limiting thoughts!

What kind of thoughts are you impressing into formless substance? I love the idea of becoming the conscious composer of our lives! I mean, who doesn’t want to learn how to compose the life of our dreams? Who doesn’t want to master our thoughts and thinking process? There is a beautiful line from one of…

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Take a moment to Breathe and release your stress!

Discover how you can utilize your breath to reduce your stress! One of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal to reduce stress is our breath. When used properly, we can use it to bring ourselves to the present moment, discipline our mind in meditation, or use it to move our energy and…

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