Bring More Passion and Meaning to Your Professional Life!

Reach Your Biggest Goals while Having More Passion and Meaning! In 2002, I walked away from a 19-year career and multimillion dollar business because my life was not working. Yes, I had accomplished some great goals, but I was stressed out, overworked and felt empty without purpose. So, I walked away determined to find a…

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You’ve Been Scheduled for Harmonization!

This simple harmonization process can set you up for an amazing day! I remember some years ago a friend told me that I was a harmonizer of people’s energy, and that I was going to help people restore harmony in their lives through my music and energy work. I thought he was crazy! Quite honestly,…

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Heal Your Life through the Power of Music Webinar Replay

Discover how music, tone and vibration can heal your life and unlock your potential! Tune into the replay of the Heal Your Life through the Power of Music webinar. On this webinar, I am going to share three essential steps that you need to take to heal your life, move past obstacles and unlock your innate power…

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A Musical Mantra for Empowering Your Life!

The Empower You Musical Mantra! How are you? I trust that all is well as we head into the last week of January! Since we have all set new goals for the year, I felt inspired to share with you a very special musical mantra preview movie and playlist designed to, Empower You! Now in…

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The Mark Romero 6-String Theory!

Discover the Mark Romero take on 6-string theory! Happy New Year to you! Well, another year is freshly upon us, and with it all of the possibility and potential for change, break throughs and transformation. To really step into creating something amazing this year, we know that we have to set some intentions, goals and…

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