Take a moment to Breathe and release your stress!

Discover how you can utilize your breath to reduce your stress! One of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal to reduce stress is our breath. When used properly, we can use it to bring ourselves to the present moment, discipline our mind in meditation, or use it to move our energy and…

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Harmonize the Strings of Your Life Expression

Discover how you can harmonize your life and unlock your potential! One of my most favorite metaphors to use is the, guitar! I love the concept that each of us has a song that is within us. That song is our purpose, calling and grandest dreams, and why it is essential to Harmonize the strings…

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Successfully Manage Your Emotional Energy!

Discover how you can shift your emotional energy and transform your life! Recently, I have had the privilege of working with a group of young men going through recovery. It has been an amazing experience, and quite honestly, opened up some wonderful new opportunities to be of service. The reason why I share this, is because…

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Embody the Energy of Courage!

Overcome Fear and Ignite Self-Confidence and Courage I have been hearing from many of you that you are experiencing a lot fear these days. Things are a bit crazy in the world and many of us are experiencing breakdowns in old paradigms that are no longer serving us. Needless to say, this can stir up…

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You Must Believe!

Are Your Ready to Believe in your Awesomeness? Do you Believe? Being a dad, I have had my share of kid’s movies. This is a scene of one of my favorites packed with all kinds of life wisdom! Nothing like some Kung Fu Panda to rock your Friday! Let me ask you a question, do…

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