A Musical Mantra for Empowering Your Life!

The Empower You Musical Mantra! How are you? I trust that all is well as we head into the last week of January! Since we have all set new goals for the year, I felt inspired to share with you a very special musical mantra preview movie and playlist designed to, Empower You! Now in…

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The Mark Romero 6-String Theory!

Discover the Mark Romero take on 6-string theory! Happy New Year to you! Well, another year is freshly upon us, and with it all of the possibility and potential for change, break throughs and transformation. To really step into creating something amazing this year, we know that we have to set some intentions, goals and…

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A Special Healing Musical Mantra Movie Gift for You!

Tune into this Special Musical Mantra Blessing! How are you? Another holiday season is upon us, and with it an opportunity to count our blessings and set our sights on the New Year ahead. Tune into this special Musical Mantra Movie featuring a brand new musical mantra and powerful imagery designed to restore harmony to…

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Are You Expressing Your Passion and Purpose?

Within you is a powerful gift! Within each of us is a powerful gift, purpose or calling. It is part of the reason why we came here to play the game of life. Yes, to express that gift. Sometimes when we move forward in expressing our gift, all of the fear, limiting beliefs and old…

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The Energy of Gratitude!

Breathe in one of the most powerful frequencies for transforming your life! I often get asked about what frequencies of energy are the most transformational. Gratitude certainly ranks up towards the top! If you look at this concept of creating from the inside out, we are all learning that our state of Being or Life…

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