The Mark Romero 6-String Theory!

Discover the Mark Romero take on 6-string theory!

Happy New Year to you! Well, another year is freshly upon us, and with it all of the possibility and potential for change, break throughs and transformation.

To really step into creating something amazing this year, we know that we have to set some intentions, goals and get ourselves into action. One of the things I notice is that many of us set money goals and lose weight goals, but not much beyond that.

In order to really break your life through you have to create a vision and goals for all of the facets or strings of your life. Yes, we can only play just three strings of our life and make pretty nice music, but to really unlock our potential, we have to play all of the strings.

Life is ever expansive and it desires to expand through all of the aspects of your life. Make this the year to make that happen. Commit yourself, move forward, and break through the resistance that might try to stop you. You can do this!

Have a great week ahead!

With gratitude,

Mark Romero

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